Monday, July 23, 2012

Window Sections:

The application window contains three components: The analysis menu, the data table, and the page control bar.

Stats Pad Window 1_6

Moving, Adding, and Deleting Cells:

To move around within a page of data, touch and drag the page.

To adjust the number of rows and columns, grab the row and column adjustment tabs and move down to add rows, up to remove rows…..right to add columns, or left to remove columns.

Resizing Columns:

Columns can be resized by touching the column header near the right border and dragging to the desired size.

Making Selections:

To select a group of data for analysis or copy/paste functions, touch down on a cell and after a very brief pause drag across the section of cells in the selection. The selection can be modified by touching the upper left or lower right cell and dragging to a new end cell.

To select an entire column or row, touch on the column or row header and drag across the number of columns or rows needed in your selection.  To undo a selection, touch the upper left corner button.  Touching this button again will select the entire page.

Adding, Deleting, and Changing Pages:

To add pages to a file, tap the PAGE button at the top right of the data section.  Select Add Page to add an additional page, or Delete Current Page to delete the currently shown page.  To move to another page in the current file, tap the page navigation button on the right to move forward one page, and on the left to move back one page.