Monday, July 23, 2012

Entering data for analysis can be down in one of three ways.

Manual Entry:

To enter data manually, double tap any cell and enter the data for that cell.  Pressing return will advance to the next cell for rapid data entry.  When finished entering data for that column, press the dismiss keyboard button, OR single tap on any other cell.


For data that already exists in a spreadsheet form in another application such as numbers, select the data and use that program’s copy function to place the data on the pasteboard.  Return to Stats Pad and select the upper left corner of the area you wish to paste the data to.  Select Paste from the pop up menu.  The table will expand if necessary to accommodate the pasted data.

Comma and Tab Delimited Files:

Comma delimited files (.csv extension) or tab delimited files (.txt extension) can be opened directly by Stats Pad using the iOS file sharing system.  In the application showing the desired file, select Open In and then Stats Pad.  The data will open as a new file.