Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Stats Pad makes graphing extremely easy.

From the Graph tab of the analysis menu choose the type of graph to be generated.

Enter desired titles and settings.

Select the raw data to be plotted (not including labels) and tap the “Data” button.

Tapping the “Create” button will generate the graph.

Graphs in Stats Pad contain their own copy of the original data, so edits to the original data table will not affect previously generated graphs.

Some settings on graphs can be modified by double tapping on the graph and using the graph edit menu. From this edit menu you can edit titles, change colors, and modify any graph specific settings.

Graphs can be shared using copy/paste by touching and holding until the copy function is displayed. This graph can now be pasted into another application that will accept PDF images. Graphs can also be shared as a separate file by tapping the share button.