The following is a list of features planned for implementing at some point in the future.  Some features will be free upgrades and some may be “In App Purchases.”  This is not necessarily the order in which they will be released.

I am very interested in feedback as to what features you would like to see the most, or suggestions for features I have not mentioned here.  Please leave feedback with your comments or suggestions.

Future Planned Features:

  1. Multiple comparisons test to go with ANOVA results (Tukey-Kramer  or Fisher’s LSD, etc)
  2. Contingency table creator (summarize raw data in a contingency table which can then be analyzed)
  3. Data management tools such as sort, stack, unstack, transpose, etc
  4. Probability table generation for binomial, poisson, etc.
  5. Combinations and Permutations
  6. Joint and Marginal Probabilities
  7. Output interpreter (output a pdf or text with plain English explanation of what the output means).
  8. Multiple comparisons test to go with ANOVA results (Tukey-Kramer, Fisher’s LSD, etc).
  9. Control charts (depends on graphing) along with control limit calculations.
  10. Open Numbers files.
  11. Outlier Analysis

Already Implemented:

  1. Multiple regression – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.1
  2. Open Excel Files – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.1
  3. Contingency Analysis –  COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.2
  4. Goodness of Fit –  COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.2
  5. Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test –  COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.2
  6. Mann-Whitney U-Test –  COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.2
  7. Wilcoxon Matched Pairs Test –  COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.2
  8. Kruskal-Wallis One-Way ANOVA –  COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.2
  9. Universal App – Will run on iPhone!  – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.3
  10. Add Undo and Redo for edits – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.3
  11. Confidence Intervals – COMPLETE IN VERSON 1.4
  12. Tests for proportions – COMPLETE IN VERSON 1.4
  13. Run tests if sample statistics are known – COMPLETE IN VERSON 1.4
  14. Prob. calculations for given distributions COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.4
  15. T-Tests included for Correlation table.  COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.4
  16. Residuals output for Regression. – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.5
  17. Binomial distribution added – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.5
  18. Poisson distribution added – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.5
  19. Nonstandard Dist. for Normal and T – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.5
  20. Column resizing – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.5
  21. Option setting for fractional d.o.f. rounding – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.5
  22. Option to choose Alternate Hypothesis – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.5
  23. Graphing – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.6
  24. Add nonlinear components to multiple regression – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.6
  25. Greatly improved scrolling performance – COMPLETE IN VERSION 1.6
  26. Sample size calculations COMPLETE IN RELEASE 1.7
  27. Percentile calculation COMPLETE IN RELEASE 1.7
  28. Power calculation and Power Curve graphs. COMPLETE IN RELEASE 1.7
  29. Confidence Interval for difference in means assuming paired data.  COMPLETE IN RELEASE 1.7
  30. Box plots ability to handle samples of different sample size. COMPLETE IN RELEASE 1.7.2
  31. Normal probability plots Complete Version 1.8
  32. Test for normalityComplete Version 1.8
  33. Add P-Values to Correlation T-Test Complete Version 1.8
  34. Random number generation according to given distributionsComplete Version 1.8
  35. Ability to open .xlsx files (newer Excel files) Complete Version 1.8

Let me know what you think!


  1. Elzein says:

    Great app and easy to use and grasp
    I wish to add matrix calculator to complete the picture
    With my regards

  2. Eamur says:

    I am glad to use this app, looking forward for
    multivariate analysis regression
    Hope to hear soon

  3. John Skinner says:


    Have you given any additional thought to producting contingency tables for Xtabs – chi square?

    1. Jon says:

      Hi John. That feature will be high on my list as well.

  4. Fran Gordillo says:

    Hi, I teach statistics and use them for my research. I’m so happy to use stats pad app. But a number of improvements are really needed. Regarding the app, the main thing I consider is to impplement the post-hoc tests for ANOVASs (I know it is in your ‘to do’ list). It shouldn’t be much of a problem to implement also three way anova and ancova analyses.
    Best of all is to be able to see a similar app for Mac OS, since there is not a single one that is satisfactory. SPSS is too heavy and slow, and there is no systat or statistica for Mac!
    All the best from Spain,

    1. Jon says:

      Hi Fran,

      I’m glad you like the app and love to hear improvement requests. The post-hoc tests are definitely coming soon. I’ve been focusing mainly on usability issues for the past couple of revs but now its time to focus on new tests and that is on the top. The 3-way anova and ancova I will put on the list but will need to feel out the overall desire from other users as well before determining priority. For the 3-way anova I would be interested in your thoughts on how the data table would look prior to analysis. I’m thinking I would need to start using stacked data (currently the data is considered unstacked). Your thoughts?

      Mac OS would be great and I really want to do that. I have planned on creating a Mac OS version but this will take quite an effort. I’ll try to post an update to the website with some estimate of when I think it will happen.

      Thanks again,

      1. Rich says:

        Perhaps while you are in the ANOVA feature, you would consider adding summary statistics for one-way ANOVA data input?

        1. Rich says:

          Forgot to ask for ANOVA output to include sqrt(mse) so as to not have to leave Stats Pad for additional calculation.

          1. Jon says:

            Sure thing Rich. I’ll have that on the list to do (for both comments).

  5. Peter says:


    Bought LE and inapp purchased all modules on my ipad. Now I’m also going to use it on my iphone..seems I need to purchase it again?
    BTW very nice app!!

    1. Jon says:

      Hi Peter,
      The app is a universal app so it should work on both your iPad and iPhone just fine.
      You don’t need to repurchase anything. If you go through the purchase process again it will simply download the items without charging you.


  6. Martina Giselle Ramirez says:


    I just purchased the latest version and installed it on my iPad 1st generation. This is an excellent program, one that I will certainly use for my research. One question though: Do you have a manual or user guide in PDF form? I could not find one on your site, hence the question.

    Thanks, Martina 🙂

    1. Jon says:

      Hi Martina,
      I’m so glad you like the app. I don’t have a manual yet. What I plan on having is a set of tutorials for each test type and function. I will then have a link within the app to go to those tutorials. I’m hoping to have them in a format suitable for mobile devices with companion videos for those on a desktop or with the bandwidth on their device to support video. I would like to know if users like you would prefer a PDF manual though so let me know.

      1. Martina Giselle Ramirez says:

        Thanks for the quick reply!

        Tutorials for the various functions that are formatted for mobile use are great, as as other options for desktops, etc. Still, it would be quite handy to have a PDF manual as well, say for those times when one does not have wireless access, but still needs to know how to do something in the program. In any case, I am pretty impressed with what you have made available for the iPad in terms of stats functions, so I will be looking forward to your further updates of this app!

  7. Rich says:

    Hello, again
    Looking at variance tests and intervals. Perhaps in a future release, you might consider…a) new confidence interval for ratio of two population std dev or variances, and b) provide both std dev and variance for current variance tests and current variance confidence interval to avoid leaving Stats Pad to do a calculation.
    Thanks again for your consideration, Rich

  8. Rich says:

    Was looking at pooled, unpooled, and paired t-tests and intervals. Couple of additions for you to consider: a) for pooled t-test get pooled variance output and for pooled t-interval get pooled std dev…is it possible to display both so don’t have to go to separate calculation? b) possible to add paired t-interval? Thanks for your consideration, Rich.

    1. Jon says:

      Hi Rich:
      A) Done. Will be in 1.7 release
      B) Do you mean on a paired T-Test you just want an additional line with the difference between the two sample means?
      If so, will do (let me know if that is what you mean). Will be in release 1.7

      1. Rich says:

        Perhaps didn’t give enough description for b); was looking for a new confidence interval for difference of 2 population means using paired sample where Stats Pad computes the difference.
        Looking forward to next release.

  9. Jon says:

    Version 1.6 has released for the full version which adds some great graphing capabilities as well as some function fits to the regression section. Version 1.6 for the LE version should release in a few days.

  10. Rich says:

    Your app keeps getting better and better with each release – outstanding! New features, options, and improvements abound with each rev. It is refreshing to see such a tool so useful in explaining concepts and checking problems with tutees that I assist. Your list of new efforts keeps growing, and the app is getting more robust. Thought I would offer my grocery list of future features to pad the list even more:
    1 – for tests where medians are used, include mean-based analysis
    2 – for variance tests, include std dev analysis
    3 – include sorting in data management tools
    4 – ability to create a notes page in addition to cell-based page
    5 – create table of binomial probabilities (cumulative), frequency and relative frequency (cumulative), table of random numbers, table of joint and marginal probabilities
    6 – analyses of a) outliers and b) statistical power
    7 – calculators for permutations, combinations, conditional probability

    Keep up the really superb work.
    Regards, Rich

  11. Mark says:

    This app MUST HAVE Graphing capabilities.

  12. Johann says:


    Just wanted to say that some graphing features would make this app the best in its game. It is already great for what it is, with the largest amount of analyses of all the other stats apps I have seen, but adding some graphical capabilities such as bar charts, visual displays for regression, etc like statviz currently has, would really make it stupendous. Thanks again for a great app.

  13. Rich says:

    Any chance we could see some additional features related to regression in a future release? Please consider the following:
    1) conditional mean t-interval
    2) predicted value t-interval
    3) linear correlation t-test
    4) correlation t-test
    5) if you want to delve into graphs, a scatter plot for
    a) predictor and response
    b) residuals and values
    c) residuals and normal
    6) testing for normality (can be used for regression residuals and other tests where normality important)
    Thanks for your consideration, Rich

  14. Rich says:

    Thanks for the updated ordered list and consideration of my feedback.

    I would hope the prob calculation feature would include inverses for each distribution also (maybe Tukey Q)?

    Regards, Rich

  15. Rich says:

    Just picked up your very intuitive and potentially robust app. Would like to see many of the new features you have listed, but would like 11) proportions, 13) confidence intervals, and 17) prob calculations more than others. Like a ti-84 allows raw data or stats to be used in various hypothesis tests, I would like to ask for this feature to make its way onto your growing list.

    Very nice app…will use it in tutoring nearby college students. Regards.

    1. Jon says:

      Thanks for the feedback Rich. I didn’t have the items in priority order, but will update in the order I think they should be in. As you mentioned performing tests when you already have the sample stats calculated would be very valuable. I will add that high on the priority list. Thanks again!

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