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Release History

2.0.2 Submitted December 9, 2013. Released December 12, 2013

Fixed a crash that occurred on Mann-Whitney test for smaller sample sizes.


2.0.1 Submitted October 28, 2013. Released October 30, 2013

Fixed a crash that occurred on some tests from version 2.0.

2.0 Submitted October 17, 2013. Released October 22, 2013

Rebuilt for iOS7!
Share Stats Pad files with others using AirDrop.
Print sheets and graphs to AirPrint enabled printers.
Mail sheets and graphs as PDF, CSV, or Tab delimited.
Copy/Paste Data and Graphs to other apps as PDF.
Share with other apps as PDF, CSV, and Tab delimited.
Save graphs and sheets as photos.This upgrade requires iOS7.

1.8.4 Submitted September 8, 2013. Released September 9, 2013

Addressed some iOS7 compatibility issues.
Insert/Delete rows and columns from middle of table.
User Manual link added.
Bug fix on histograms that would occasionally not draw the largest category.


1.8.3 Submitted July 28, 2013. Released July 30, 2013

User Interface Improvements!
Copy/Paste menu no longer hides toolbar buttons.
Copy/Paste menu toggles on/off with tap of selection.
Scrolling or selecting large tables now draws more smoothly.

1.8.2 Submitted July 3, 2013. Released July 9, 2013

Fix for recognizing numbers in some locales.


1.8.1 Submitted June 30, 2013. Released July 1, 2013

Improved performance when opening larger csv or tab delimited files.

NOTE: This update inadvertently broke number recognition in some locales.  A new version is being submitted to fix this ASAP.


1.8 Submitted May 1, 2013. Released May 5, 2013

Conclusions added to all Hypotheses and ANOVAs including Reject/Fail To Reject Ho
Normal Probability Plots added.
Normality Test (Anderson Darling) added.
Correlation: P-Values added to T-Tests
Random Number Generator (Normal, T, F, Chi Square, Exponential, and Uniform)
Ability to open .xlsx files (Newer Excel files)
AutoSize Columns to fit text function added.
Fixed crash or bugs when opening files that had a large number of columns.


1.7.2 Submitted March 27, 2013. Released April 1, 2013

Box plots now allow varying sample sizes
Added Standard Deviation to most outputs involving variance
Added Mean output on medians (non-parametric) tests
Histogram Y-Axis label correctly identifies relative frequency
Corrected some wording and spelling errors.


1.7.1 Submitted February 21, 2013. Released February 26, 2013

Fixed crash when fitting curves on some data.

Fixed Power Curve generation on lower tail rejection regions.


1.7 Submitted February 15, 2013.  Released February 21, 2013


Power Calculations: Single value AND full Power Curve graph

Sample Size Calculations: Normal and Proportions

Confidence Interval for Mean assuming Paired Data

Percentile Calculations


Single Variance Test: Enter standard deviation OR variance

Most output includes Std Dev. AND Variance

Y-Axes on graphs are more intelligent.


Corrected paste function so blank cells no longer ignored.

Corrected graph copy function not popping up.


1.6.1 Submitted January 27, 2013. Released January 30, 2013

Improved memory performance.
Fixed crash on very large files.


1.6 Submitted January 11, 2013. Released January 16, 2013

Graphing! Including Bar Chart, Box Plots (with outliers), Histograms, Line Charts, Pie Charts, Scatter Plots (with trend lines)

Regression on functions including Polynomial, Exponential, Logarithmic, and Power.

Improved scrolling performance (especially on older machines).  VERY snappy performance!

Fixed a few minor bugs.


1.5 Submitted November 24, 2012.  Released November 30, 2012

Resizable columns!

Added Binomial and Poisson distributions

Added residuals for regression

Selected range is modifiable

Settings Pane to customize analysis behavior

Alternate Hypothesis can be chosen instead of Null (settings)

Choose how Fractional DOF are rounded (settings).

Tapping sample label reselects that range.

Option for nonstandard normal and t-distributions

Fixed crash when descriptive statistics run on dataset with variance = 0

Fixed occasional crash when deleting pages

Fixed bug where columns may not redraw under certain scrolling conditions

LE Version up-reved to 1.5 to match full version.


1.0 LE Version Submitted October 19, 2012.  Released November 14, 2012

LE Version will stay identical to full version with the exception that some analysis will require in app purchases to run.

First submission rejected for minor error, so estimated release has been set back several days.


1.4 Submitted October 15, 2012. Released October 19, 2012

Another big update!

Added cumulative probability calculator for several distributions.

Added tests for proportions.

Added Confidence Interval calculations (8 different types!)

Added ability to run most tests using sample statistics

Added T-Test calculations for correlation matrix

Some minor bug fixes.


1.3 Submitted September 12, 2012.  Released September 17, 2012

Universal App!  Will work on iPhone!

Added Undo and Redo.

Text cells autoscroll from behind keyboard.


1.2 – Submitted August 20, 2012.  Released August 29, 2012


Adding LOTS of great tests in version 1.2:

Chi Square Tests:

Goodness-of-Fit Test

Contingency Analysis


Non-parametric tests:

Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test for one sample median

Mann-Whitney U-Test for two sample medians

Wilcoxon Matched-Pairs Signed Rank Test for two sample medians

Kruskal-Wallis One-Way ANOVA (complete with tie adjusted values).


Adjusted Column and Row labels on ANOVAs when no labels included.


1.1 – Submitted August 6, 2012 Released August 13, 2012

Adjusted Hypothesis labels for two sample means tests

Added ability to open Excel files directly

Added Multiple Regression


1.0 – Submitted July 20, 2012, Released August 1, 2012

Initial release with introductory pricing.

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